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Sketch Compilation 1 by OnixTymime

Scans of everything in my “To Do List”
I’ve posted almost everything here, but here they are in better quality.

I forgot to upload the process of “Child’s Game”. I was so focused in finisfh it that I didn’t thought about posting the steps here.

First I did a rough sketch of the idea on my sketchbook. Nothing detailed at all. I did a stick Giovanni (lol).

After scanning the “idea”, I did a more detailed (but not cleaniest) sketch on SAI.

Super awesome lineart (?)

And after putting all the base colors is where I started to mess up with brushes and bluring on PS for the glowing and pressure effects.

Yeah, I moved that Tauros a bit (y)


I’m also doing a Mewtwo Reference Sheet for myself. I’m having some odds drawing him and that really mades me feel mad, he’s my favourite pokemom after all.

It was hard to fin something that couod help me with the FRONT, but it was for it’s legs mainly. The BACK one was a lot way easier and found a reference (screenshot from Mewtwo Returns) quickly.

I’ll scan it all together when is finished.

More practice-reference thing.

1. I haven’t draw Eve frequently, so I wanted to try some expressions or actions. The first is one I usually do for her. Second, we have a “punching-pose” fail. And finally, some happy blushed one.
2. I just want them to embrace each other. It’s not even a finished sketch, but they look cute.
3-5. Pose practicing for my fakes.
6. Eve just being cute. I tried to do a SCC fanart, but I just did that because I didn’t have a reference of the dress I wanted to do. Practicing a “full of joy” pose with Dinya doing whatever with her wings (I screwed up). A dinamic pose with Shock. And that thing over there is a bunny I haven’t draw for a very long time, “Gentleman Usagi”.
7. An unfinished sketch of Rocknight and Grounday together (cute)

Ralts wants to use Wish by OnixTymime

Totally forgot about this. I’ve uploaded it on my Colors! gallery like a month (or more) ago.

Child’s game by OnixTymime

Finally *dies*


Color palette tutorial time!

This is by no means the Only Way To Pick Colors—it’s just a relatively-simple method I use sometimes.  I’ve found it works pretty well, almost regardless of what colors you pick—as long as you can keep them organized by those light/dark warm/cool categories, and make sure one category takes up a significantly higher proportion of page space, it usually turns out pretty good!

I think these would be my last shinies of Juny.

First, the Ralts hatched after 442 eggs. I really wanted a shiny Ralts since Pkmn Pearl, but I suck using the Poke Radar (I was hunting for Sentret and I obtained a Starly instead… wich screwed my chain)
Despite it’s male, I was REALLY happy for it. I have reserved a character for my secondary pokemon fanfiction that is a male Gardevoir. That’s why his name is “Ariel”, a name that I’ve heard used to name women and men as well.
And is my first FLAWLESS shiny!!! It’s more than the expected.

Second, this little Teddiursa hatched after 191 eggs. He was a surprise, I wasn’t hunting for this shiny, I always hatch around 250 eggs of every pokemon I breed so I can give some spread to my friends or anyone who wants them, so I was just lucky.

This has been an excellent month to get shinies for me.

I’ve started with this cute Eevee, wich is the second for my Eeveelution Shiny Collection. I’ve hatched 384 eggs and he will be a Sylveon.

The same day I hatched that Eevee, I was fooling around in a Fire Friend Safari to pass Pokerus and a shiny Larvesta popped out. It was awesome.

Last Saturday in the morning, I was EV training in the Frost Cavern and a shiny Cubchoo appeared, he was purple so I was really happy. But then, some minutes later, a second shiny Cubchoo appeared! And it was a female! So I have a cute couple ♥

And during this week, I was STILL EV training on the Glittering Cave (that’s the name of that cave?) and a beautiful shiny Roggenrola appeared. It’s a rock, but it’s purple, I love purple ♥

And the Sableye… well, it’s actually a gift from a friend of mine. He’s doing Masuda for a Sableye with Prankster. He has already obtained three… WITH STALL! That’s certainly bad luck.
But now Mega Sableye has been revealed (PARTY HARD), let’s see if he gains a new ability and turn this cutie in more than just s trophy.